Wellesse Supplements for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery patients

Wellesse Bariatric Liquid Supplements

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Over 25 years of product excellence ensures our quality liquid supplements are the solution to help you achieve your daily nutritional goals that are critical before & after bariatric surgery. Wellesse is competitively priced & easy to find online, by phone and at select Walmart, grocery, drugstore and club warehouses.


Wellesse Bariatric Liquid Supplements

Discover the Liquid Advantage of Wellesse


Wellesse Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplement Calcium & Vitamin D3 Liquid Plus Magnesium
Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies are common before surgery and may worsen afterwards if not proactively addressed daily.  Dosage amount needed varies by surgery type, loss rate, sex, age and medical history.
Wellesse Liquid Multivitamin SupplementLearn More MultiVitamin Plus Liquid
Taking a complete multivitamin is essential after any kind of bariatric surgery to ensure adequate nutritional needs are met due to the decreased absorption from food.  Dosage is easily adjusted if higher daily values are recommended by health care professional.

Wellesse Liquid Iron Supplement Liquid Iron
Iron deficiencies are one of the most common side effects of weight loss surgery and may lead to serious health issues. Dosage is easily adjusted according to your health professional’s recommendations.
Wellesse B-12 Sublingual Liquid Supplement B-12 Sublingual Liquid Drops
A loss of intrinsic factor and hydrochloric acid with certain weight loss surgeries makes it necessary to supplement high levels of B12 by either injections or sublingually. Calibrated dropper makes it easy to adjust the dosage according to your health professional’s recommendations.

Wellesse Vitamin D3 liquid supplementLearn More Vitamin D3 Liquid 1000 IU or 5000 IU
Vitamin D deficiency is very common among overweight individuals due to malabsorption and often requires supplementation before and after bariatric surgery. Dosage is easily adjusted according to your health professional’s recommendations.
Wellesse Protein Complete Liquid Supplement Protein Complete Liquid
Weight Loss Surgery patients are often at risk of developing protein malnutrition. Formulated with 100% hydrolyzed protein which improves bioavailability and all 20 amino acids, it’s an easy way to add to your existing daily protein regimen.

Select Nutritional Supplements are Essential After Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Wellesse products can be easily integrated into any routine by adding one ounce or less a day to a smoothie or protein shake, water or juice, helping bariatric patients achieve better compliance in taking their needed vitamins and supplements.  Our naturally flavored liquids become a fun, flavorful treat while fulfilling the important nutritional requirements of bariatric weight loss surgery patients on their journey to ever increasing good health.