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I had a sleeve gastrectomy done (weight loss surgery) and since most of my stomach was permanently removed, I am very much at risk for B12 and other B vitamin deficiencies. I need to take something for the rest of my life. I was very worried about this so I did some research and found this product (Wellesse B-Complex Complete).  I’m very impressed with the quality.  All of B vitamins (riboflavin, thiamine, etc) are in here and in high amounts! The product has something like 16000% daily value worth of B12, which is excellent, especially for me! It’s so easy – just 1 tablespoon a day. Use the cup that comes on top.  I found the berry flavour to be very strong so I mix it in with a little juice and it tastes great. The price is right too. You get about a month’s worth in one bottle, and it’s about $8 on amazon (at the time of this writing).  I already notice a big difference in my energy level. I am supposed to get some blood work done and I’m confident that this supplement will ensure that I will be fine with my B vitamins! I even showed my doctor this supplement and she was really pleased and said she would recommend it to her patients if they needed a liquid B complex supplement. Thank you Wellesse for making a product that is cheap, tasty, and high quality! You will definitely have me as customer for a long time to come.
Review on Amazon.com for Wellesse B-Complex

On March 11th, 2013 my life changed and is still changing every week. That day Dr. John Oldham did the Gastric Sleeve surgery on me, and it has been amazing.  I would have never gotten it done if it wasn’t for the founder of the WLSFA, Antonia Namnath, who helped me get a grant through this foundation as well as doctors, nurses, and the Wellesse Company for my vitamins for a year (Wellesse proudly provided Jackie with a one year supply of the supplements she needed after surgery) and Karen Sparks who all believed in me to make this happen. I feel better everyday. Just two weeks after surgery, I came off my diabetes medication, and just recently coming off my blood pressure medicine too. I notice even small changes already from interacting more with my kids and playing with them more and walking at the park with them, something I haven’t done in awhile.  I thank God everyday for making this happen for me, I never thought I would be here today talking about it.  It has been 5 years that I have tried to get this done with the exclusion I had on my insurance policy.  I am a very optimistic person, I never gave up and I will continue to help people and anyone that experiences the same thing, because people deserve a chance to LIVE, when all else fails.  I always have a plan, no matter what the results may be, good or bad. I can’t wait to share my journey with everyone.
Jackie Jackson, WLSFA 2013 Grant Recipient
Wellesse Vitamin B-12 is SO easy to take. Tastes like cherry/punch. Hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds and swallow. Couldn’t be easier. As a bariatric patient I have a lot of supplements to take so it helps when you don’t mind having to take them or the taste of them! (Amazon.com)
I have to say Thank You, for making such awesome products! I found you through Melting Mama’s page and won a sample kit. I normally am a total diva about liquids, especially when it comes to vitamins… but I love the taste of your products, and it is awesome that you are so affordable and I can find several of the products locally! Thank you so much!
Nicole M. 

I am so happy I found Wellesse products, I needed a multivitamin after my Bariatric gastric bypass tried it and loved it! I need to be on vitamins for the rest of my life and was worried when I couldn’t find anything I liked until I tried Wellesse liquid Multivitamin.  (review from Amazon.com)
Judy N. 

Thank you for your great tasting supplements. As you may know, after gastric bypass, patients have a hard time getting some of the nutrition they need. My B12 & D had been low for a long time. I tried so many different brands of pills, but could not bring them up. I tried your great tasting liquids and voila!! My levels are normal again! My doctor is happy and I feel better. Thank you. Thank you so much. If my B12 had not been normal this time I would have been forced into shots. Now I can forget all about those nasty little needles!!
Angie C. 

I have had health problems for many years. Then I had gastric bypass surgery which meant I now had to increase my vitamin intake.  Sometimes the thought of having to take them made me sick to my stomach.  I happened to see Wellesse Calcium and thought what the heck,  I had used liquid vitamins before and they ended up down the sink.  I called Wellesse and was thrilled with the variety.  After using the Multivitamin, I noticed my hair growing back in, my nails improved and my energy level was incredible!  My doctor also advised me to take Vitamin D3 supplements instead of being in the sun.  I was lucky enough to find Wellesse Vitamin D3 in liquid form and with a fantastic taste.  I would greatly recommend Wellesse Vitamin D3 and all their other liquid vitamins!  I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
G.B., Merced, CA 

“Taking any supplement in liquid form is so much easier than swallowing pills (as long as it tastes decent), and research shows that we absorb the liquids better so who am I to argue.  I dilute my 2T (Joint Movement Glucosamine) in about 2 ounces of water and it is like sipping a fruit flavored punch.  I have been able to walk on the treadmill, on the beach, work out on the elliptical and continue swimming with no ill results.  Three years ago, before I started this supplement,  I was unable to sustain any extended length of time walking in the gym, on the beach, or on the trail without suffering considerable discomfort either during or shortly after my excursion.”
Sandi Henderson of www.bandedliving.com 

“After trying the calcium chews, which are extremely sweet and make me sick, then opening capsules of calcium to mix into yogurt and drinks (because they are too large to swallow and digest get stuck), this Liquid Calcium (Wellesse) is wonderful!!  It is so easy to get the daily amount necessary in just two tablespoons.  It is a lemon cream (citrus) flavor that is actually pretty good. I’ve tried so many other things, that this is a dream compared to the others.”
L., Virginia 

“I’ve used this product exclusively since gastric bypass and my calcium levels have been within normal range for 5 years. Wellesse Liquid Calcium is easy to take at home. I put it into smaller bottles if I’m traveling but I recommend it highly for anyone needing extra calcium.”
N., Sacramento, CA 

“I have been using Wellesse for approximately 18 months.  I wasn’t doing a very good job of taking my vitamins because the large pills were hard to swallow, hard to stomach, and even harder to digest. I would be full from just my vitamins, and as a weight loss surgery patient I knew that I needed to get in order to make journey successful.  I have since found my labs going in the right direction, they are easy to take, there is no problem with swallowing or digestion, and they taste good!  I have gotten my hair back, which I had originally started to lose, and I feel much more energy than pre-Wellesse use.  I would recommend these vitamins to anyone, and often have!  Thanks Wellesse!”
B.B., Spokane, WA 

“I put it (Wellesse Calcium & Vitamin D3) in my protein shake every morning. I get my calcium checked every year because I have a likely reason to have low calcium. I have used this for years and it has always been in normal range.”
B.L., Maine 

“I take this everyday since I have had Baratric Surgery and need easily absorbable vitamins.”
M.J., Ohio 

“Since I’ve had gastric bypass surgery, I can’t absorb minerals and vitamins very well. This helps me so much, I have recommended Wellesse Calcium to everyone I know, I love the taste too. I’m starting on the glucosamine since I also have issues with my joints and bones now, I can’t wait to see the difference it will make.”

“I began using your product shortly after I had Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery. I can no longer count on getting the nutrients and minerals I need from food. Your supplement is exactly what is necessary for my body & health requirements. Thank you for making the perfect product for my needs.”
M.L., Cedar Grove, NJ 

“I enjoy your Liquid Calcium & Vitamin D3 because of its taste & its ability to be absorbed in my system quickly. Since I had Gastric Bypass Surgery I do not absorb calcium in tablet form. I have used your Calcium with both water and juice and find it to be very easy and convenient. I also use your Liquid Vitamin D3 and enjoy it as well.”
N.B., Lancaster, CA