WELLESSE® is America’s Leader in Liquid Supplements

Our History as a Leader in Nutrition

NaturesWayLogo_WebNow a part of the Nature’s Way family of dietary supplement brands, Wellesse was founded over 25 years ago in the Pacific Northwest with a fervent belief that health and wellness are inextricably linked to your body’s natural ability to obtain nutrients necessary to support and sustain healthy lifestyles.

We balance this fundamental principle with the acceptance from the scientific and medical community that individuals may not be able to obtain or absorb essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients on a daily basis from diet alone.   Recognizing that nutritional deficiencies not only adversely affect health but can in turn impact your body’s ability to absorb nutrients also compounds the need for meaningful solutions.

Specializing in Liquid Supplements
These principles have been at the core of our mission to dedicate the research and development required to formulate liquid supplements that provide the highest quality, most efficacious nutrients in their most bioavailable form to aid the body’s ability to optimize absorption of key nutrients for better health and wellness.

WELLESSE® – an Integrative Health Solution
We take great pride when our customers tell us how much easier it is to take our liquid supplements on a daily basis, giving them more control over improving their health.  These success stories reinforce our commitment to make it easier for you to make good nutrition and healthy living a priority every day so you can stay active, enjoy life to the fullest and live well.    

WELLESSE  Liquid Nutritional Supplements
Wellesse Premium Liquid Supplements offer a full line of products that are the preferred form of supplements for individuals committed to addressing nutrient gaps and optimizing nutrient absorption of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

No longer do people have to compromise or resist incorporating supplements into their daily routine if they do not like tablets or have trouble swallowing multiple large tablets every day.    Wellesse liquid supplements can be taken directly or easily mixed with water, juice or smoothies once a day.

Because Wellesse liquid supplements are easy to take, they can help address many nutrient shortfalls caused by absorption issues commonly associated with lifestyle, diet restrictions, age-related nutritional needs, certain allergies, weight loss surgery and other medical surgeries, illnesses and medications.

We hope you’ll discover the liquid advantage for optimal health & wellness.   

The WELLESSE Commitment:

  • Great tasting liquid supplements using safe and scientifically supported ingredients and nutrients
  • Highest quality at the best value using state-of-the-industry technology
  • Certified Gluten Free Supplements by GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization) 
  • Superior customer service for our consumers and partners
  • Conveniently located in over 25,000 retail locations nationwide & online 

Research Backed, Quality Assured Supplements

Every Wellesse Premium Liquid Supplement is manufactured in the United States, and is made following good manufacturing practices (cGMP’s) for Dietary Supplements and all parts of the manufacturing process adhere to strict FDA regulations and industry guidelines.

Wellesse Premium Liquid Supplements are lab tested to ensure every dose contains each ingredient at the labeled amount per serving.  Each ingredient and finished product has been tested for potency and purity by independent third party labs prior to distribution.


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