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Marie Spano MS, RD
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Marie Spano MS, RD

Marie Spano is a Registered Dietician and expert in nutrition who has worked as a dietary spokesperson, consultant, and freelance writer.  She has written for many popular press magazines, trade publications and websites. She has also helped hundreds of individuals achieve their athletic goals by tailoring their dietary intake to specific needs.

Ms. Spano holds an MS in Nutrition from the University of Georgia and holds a BS degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of North Carolina.

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Kathy Stevens M.A. Kinesiology, MAFP
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Kathy Stevens

Fitness professional Kathy Stevens is a major influence in the areas of family and adult fitness.  A Master Trainer, Kathy holds a B.A in Physical Education and Masters Degree in Kinesiology.  Her Masters thesis focused on maintaining joint health in aging populations.  Kathy serves on the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America Board of Advisors.  She has created numerous professional training programs and fitness videos.  A mother of five, Kathy has written on family fitness for national publications including Fit, Family Circle, American Fitness, Parents, Fit Pregnancy, Fitness, Self, Shape, and WebMD.

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