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Many of us are on a budget and want to get the most out of our grocery store dollars. There are many things you can do to avoid high grocery [...]
Thu, Apr 23, 2015
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Great Tips for Managing Arthritis
Many of us live with the nagging joint discomfort. We either experience the annoying beginning stages or the painful and often debilitating effects of living with later stages of [...]
Mon, Apr 20, 2015
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The new RDAs set for vitamin D had me thinking. In some ways medicine seems so advanced. And in other ways, we are in the beginning stages of figuring out [...]
Thu, Apr 16, 2015
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arms up sunrise
If you have read the shoulder stretching and massaging blog here, its time to start strengthening your muscles so they can support your shoulder joints better. Below you will [...]
Mon, Apr 13, 2015
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How many times have you thought to yourself that you are more tired lately than you used to be? Or you simply don't have the energy to do the things [...]
Thu, Apr 09, 2015
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