For over 25 years Wellesse has made it easier to optimize absorption of essential vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements so you can stay active at every stage of life.  Start optimizing your health today!  

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Aloe VeraWellesse Aloe Vera Liquid B-ComplexWellesse B Complex Complete Liquid Vitamin Supplement B-12 SublingualWellesse B-12 Sublingual Liquid Supplement Calcium & Vitamin D3Wellesse Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplement
Digestive 3-in-1 Health Wellesse Digestive 3-in-1 Health Liquid Joint Movement
Liquid Iron Wellesse Liquid Iron Supplement MultiVitamin + Wellesse Liquid Multivitamin Supplement
Protein Complete Wellesse Protein Complete Liquid Vitamin D3 1000 IUWellesse Vitamin D3 liquid supplement Vitamin D3 5000 IUWellesse Vitamin D Liquid 5000 IU

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Fast-Absorbing Liquid
Research has shown that nutrients from liquid sources can be more easily absorbed than from pills or tablets.

Wellesse Liquid Supplements nourish active bodies with fast absorbing, great tasting liquid supplements.  For over 25 years, we’ve been committed to producing a premium line of liquid nutritional supplements that make it easier for you to stay active at every stage of life.

Nutrient deficiencies have health consequences that can impact daily life and overall wellbeing.  Even conscientious consumers can find it difficult to get all the nutrients needed from food alone and may face health challenges affecting nutrient absorption caused by stress, restricted diets, obesity, weight loss surgeries and other health issues.

Wellesse Premium Liquid Supplements and vitamins are an integrative health solution supporting overall wellness as a part of a healthy diet and regular exercise by making it easier to address nutrient shortfalls.

Research Backed, Quality Assured Supplements

Every Wellesse Premium Liquid Supplement is manufactured at Botanical Laboratories’ state-of-the-industry facility in Ferndale, WA.  We rigorously follow good manufacturing practices (cGMP’s) for Dietary Supplements and all parts of our manufacturing processes adhere to strict FDA regulations and industry guidelines.

Wellesse Premium Liquid Supplements are lab tested to ensure every dose contains each ingredient at the labeled amount per serving.  Each ingredient and finished product has been tested for potency and purity by independent third party labs prior to distribution.  Multiple, well controlled human studies have demonstrated the efficacy of supplementing with high quality vitamins and minerals like those selected for use in our products.

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