Vitamin B-12 High Potency Liquid

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Wellesse® Vitamin B12 Liquid is formulated for high potency and fast absorption to help safeguard a sufficient daily intake and help promote energy metabolism.*

  • 1000 mcg Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin)
  • Promotes Energy Metabolism*
  • Calibrated Dropper, Easily Adjusted Dosage
  • Great Tasting Natural Berry Flavor
  • 60 servings

Certified Gluten Free (1), Sugar Free (sweetened with Stevia Leaf)

B-12 is an essential B Vitamin that plays a role in the entire nervous system, promotes energy metabolism and supports healthy heart function.*

B-12 is a key contributor to the body's proper use of iron.  B-12 becomes increasingly important with age due to higher risk of decreased absorption from food which can lead to deficiencies in both B-12 and Folic Acid.*


(1) GFCO Certification Agreement between Gluten Intolerance Group of North America and Botanical Laboratories, LLC., meeting GFCO standards for gluten-free products.

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Wellesse Vitamin B-12 High Potency Liquid Supplement Label Information:

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What are the dosage amounts on the dropper?

The dropper is calibrated to either the full amount of full dropper for 1000 mcg or half a dropper for 500 mcg to be taken as needed or directed by physician.

Is Wellesse B-12 High Potency Liquid gluten free?

Yes! All Wellesse Liquid Supplements are certified gluten free.

What form is the vitamin B12?

Wellesse Vitamin B12 High Potency Liquid uses the Cyanocobalamin form of B12. Inside the body, cyanocobalamin produces methylcobalamin, the form the body uses to perform necessary functions.

Who is most likely to be deficient in Vitamin B12?

Vegetarians are more likely to be deficient as well has older adults who absorb less from food. Also, Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery patients are likely to be deficient due to decreased ability to absorb it after surgery.


Use the following resources for helpful information and up-to-date news. Read all about Vitamin B12 on Wikipedia, the online dictionary

See the Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet for Vitamin B12  from the Office of Dietary Supplements and the National Institutes of Health

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"Vitamin B-12 is a great product which adds a lot of energy. Thank you!"

- L.H., Normandy Park, WA

"SO easy to take. Tastes like cherry/punch. Hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds and swallow. Couldn't be easier. As a bariatric patient I have a lot of supplements to take so it helps when you don't mind having to take them or the taste of them! Source:"

- MsJexi, Maryland

"I love the convenience of the dropper! This is much better than getting a shot every week!"

- S.C., Arizona