Calcium & Vitamin D3 Liquid

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Wellesse® Calcium and Vitamin D3 liquid is easier to take than swallowing multiple large tablets. Each fast-absorbing 1/2 ounce serving of Wellesse® Calcium and Vitamin D3 liquid combines essential levels of elemental calcium and vitamin D3, with magnesium and boron to help maximize absorption and promote bone health.* 

Two - 1/2 ounce servings a day of Wellesse® Calcium and Vitamin D3 liquid provides:

  • 1000 mg Elemental Calcium
  • 1000 IU Vitamin D3
  • Plus Magnesium & Boron
  • More calcium than 3 glasses of milk (1)
  • Great Tasting Natural Citrus Flavor
  • 32 servings, 16 day supply

Certified Gluten-Free(2), Sugar Free, and Lactose Free

Adequate Calcium and Vitamin D3 throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.*

Vitamin D3  optimizes calcium absorption and also supports a healthy immune system.*

Magnesium & Boron in combination with Vitamin D3 promotes healthy bones.*

Wellesse Calcium & Vitamin D3 liquid is the #1 selling liquid Calcium product.‡


‡National retail sales, IRI total US FDM + club, 52 weeks ending Jan. 26th, 2016.


(2) GFCO Certification agreement between Gluten Intolerance Group of North America and Botanical Laboratories, LLC, meeting GFCO standards for gluten-free products.

Label Information

Wellesse Calcium & Vitamin D3 Liquid Label Information:

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Find answers here to your common questions about Wellesse Calcium & Vitamin D3 Liquid. Visit Common FAQ's for general questions or Contact Us if you are unable to find an answer.

How much elemental calcium do you get from one serving of Wellesse Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3?

The two daily servings of 1/2 ounce each add up to 1000 mg of elemental calcium.

Why do I need to take Calcium?

Calcium is needed for maintaining bone health, specifically attaining peak bone mass and preventing osteoporosis.

What is Osteoporosis?

A common bone disorder characterized by a decrease in bone density and mass.

Who is at risk for Osteoporosis?

Post-menopausal women, people who are lactose intolerant, the elderly, vegetarians, and those with a family history of osteoporosis are at higher risk for developing osteoporosis.

Do men need to take calcium supplements?

Yes, men should take calcium since they also lose bone density as they age.

Is there a health risk of too much calcium?

Taking too much calcium may cause constipation and indigestion. The upper daily limit is 2500mg/day.

When should I take Wellesse Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D?

Twice daily with meals to maximize absorption.

Does calcium interact with medications?

Yes, it can. You should check with your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

Are antacids a good source of calcium?

No, in fact they neutralize the stomach acid that is needed to properly absorb calcium.

Why Calcium Citrate and not Calcium Carbonate?

Studies have shown that Calcium Citrate is absorbed faster and more completely than Calcium Carbonate.

What is the percentage of Calcium Citrate and Tricalcium Phosphate in the Liquid Calcium?

Wellesse Liquid Calcium with Vitamin D3 contains 70% calcium citrate and 30% phosphate. Calcium Phosphate combined with Calcium Citrate is the most appropriate blend for a well suspended calcium that is also readily absorbable by the body.


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Success Stories

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"While I was in the hospital I had a feeding tube and now I have so much trouble swallowing so now I take Wellesse Liquid Calcium. What a blessing. Thank you so much, this product is so needed. "

- M.H., Wichita, KS

"I love Wellesse Liquid Multivitamin and Calcium. They are the best! I have always hated taking vitamins and swallowing pills is hard for me. I found Wellesse Liquid Vitamins online and they are great. No stomach upset and they taste great. Calcium is my favorite, it tastes like an orange creamsicle bar. I wish I had known about Wellesse years ago!"

- K.R., Mauk, GA

"Thank you so very much for your efforts to come out with this wonderful supplement, Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D. I have been taking this for a year and a half and it is most helpful for my bones. I recommend all the Wellesse vitamins for anybody to try!"

- Z.T., Albuquerque, NM

"I suffer from severe calcium and vitamin D deficiencies. My throat has become damaged from swallowing the large tablets and capsules required to improve my condition. I had been dissolving up to 12 tablets a day and drinking them in juice, but they still had a horribly bitter taste. Quite by accident , I discovered Wellesse Liquid Calcium with Vitamin D at the drugstore. It is a god send! I now find your company offers many supplements in liquid form and am in the process of trying them all. "

- L.T. - CA

"Of all the Wellesse products, Calcium and Vitamin D3 is my favorite! I was at a store and happened to see Wellesse Liquid Calcium. Having tried other liquid vitamins and finding them awful tasting and ending up down the sink, I was hesitant. Now, I'm hooked! I have my whole family now using the whole line. The Calcium is wonderful tasting! My biggest thing is, I have always had horrible soft fingernails, not anymore, what a difference!"

- G.B., Merced, CA

"It is my pleasure to testify to the goodness of the Liquid Calcium with Vitamin D3. I am 75 and have never taken anything as wonderful as this. It not only tastes good but it has all I need for bone health and is better than taking pills. Thank you for a great product!"

- A.D., Magalia, CA

"After turning 45 last year, my doctor recommended that I take caclium with vitamin D3. Based on the success I had with your Liquid Glucosamine, I tried your Liquid Calcium with Vitamin D3. It tastes great. I am happy to report I am hooked on another Wellesse product. ...Your combined efforts are a blessing to women everywhere."

- A.W., Anaheim, CA

"I cannot take regular pills. I was so happy to find your liquid vitamins. I have been taking your Calcium & Vitamin D3 for months and definitely experiences the benefits. Now you added magnesium and made the product perfect and complete."

- M.C., Modesto, CA

"My wife has a great deal of trouble swallowing calcium tablets due to the size. She has no trouble with Wellesse Liquid Calcium. This allows her to take the amount of calcium required by the doctor with no problem. I am glad we found your product!"

- C.W., La Mirada, CA

"Wellesse Liquid Calcium with Vitamin D3 is pleasant tasting, certainly easier to swallow than pills and I don't have to refrigerate it - helpful when I take it on trips. I have recommended to many others."

- C.K., Hollywood, FL

"My husband and I both enjoy Wellesse Liquid Calcium because it is so easy to take. Plus it does taste good!"

- C.P., Riverbank, CA

"After choking on large sized pills and having to break them up into small pieces in order to swallow. It was a great discover to find such a wonderful good tasting liquid that satisfied my calcium requirements. Wellesse Liquid Calcium is the way to get your calcium with ease."

- M.S.