Digestive 3-in-1 Health Liquid

Fast Absorbing Triple-Action Formula

  • Soluble Fiber Promotes Gentle Regularity
  • Prebiotics Support Healthy Bacteria
  • Aloe Vera Balances Stomach Acidity
  • 5 Grams of Fiber Per 1 ounce Serving
  • Sugar Free, Gluten Free 
  • Great Tasting Orange-Vanilla Flavor
  • 16 servings per 16 oz bottle

1 - Promotes gentle regularity and a healthy colon with natural soluble fiber which helps keep food and nutrients moving through your digestive system. Our proprietary soluble fiber blend also promotes a sense of fullness for healthy weight management when accompanied by diet and exercise, and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range.

2 - Supports healthy bacteria with a proprietary Prebiotic blend which acts to support and maintain healthy intestinal flora. This Prebiotic blend is important to maintaining a healthy immune system and healthy cells lining the intestinal tract.

3 - Naturally balances stomach acidity and provides greater digestive comfort after eating with Aloe vera extract.

In the same way that many things can cause occasional digestive distress - including stress, improper diet, weight gain, hormonal changes and even the aging process - the scientists at WELLESSE have formulated a blend of scientifically supported ingredients to promote healthy digestion and elimination, soothe your stomach and help your body resist occasional imbalance in a great tasting orange-vanilla flavor.

Get the healthy digestive system balance your body needs - and your lifestyle demands with WELLESSE Digestive 3-in-1 Health. When used every day, this fast absorbing, liquid dietary supplement provides three scientifically supported ingredients in just one two-tablespoon (1 oz/30 ml) serving.

Research has shown that nutrients from liquid sources can be more easily absorbed than from solids.

Read more about the benefits of fiber from the National Fiber Council.

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Find answers to your common questions about Wellesse Digestive 3 in 1 Health Liquid Supplement below. Visit Common FAQ's for general questions or Contact Us if you are unable to find an answer.

What are prebiotics?

Digestive 3-in-1 Health contains two kinds of prebiotics, Isomaltooligosaccharides (IMO) and Galactoologosaccharides (GOS), that support healthy levels of good bacteria (probiotics) and therefore help crowd out the harmful bacteria. This helps bring a better balance to the digestive system and is important for enhancing the immune system.

What part of the Aloe Vera plant is used?

This product contains the only GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) Aloe vera, ACTIValoe, made from the gel of the inner leaf. It helps to balance stomach acidity and provide greater digestive comfort after eating.

Who can benefit from using Digestive 3-in-1 Health?

Adults and children over the age of 6 may benefit. Even those without digestive discomfort may benefit from better nutrient absorption and additional fiber in their diet to protect against occasional digestive distress. It is effective for all types of digestive distress, not just one type like most other digestive aids.

How soon will I notice a difference?

Results vary from person to person. We are recommending you try it for at least 30 days. Some may experience an increase in gas while their digestive system balances. This is very normal and should decrease shortly.

Does this product contain any allergens?

Yes, it contains milk or 31.8 mg of lactose per ounce serving: lactose equivalence of 1/8 tsp of whole milk, a very small amount. It is gluten free.

What kind of fiber does Digestive 3-in-1 Health contain?

It is a blend of two patented natural soluble fibers, Resistant Dextrin and Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum. These specialized soluble fibers are gentle-acting and slow fermenting to minimize gas or bloating, and help manage occasional irregularity by providing an excellent source of fiber, 5 grams per serving, and supports healthy weight management by creating a sense of fullness (satiety) and keeping normal healthy blood sugar levels more uniform.

What is the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber?

Soluble fiber forms a gel when mixed with liquid, while insoluble fiber does not. Insoluble fiber passes through our intestines largely intact. Fiber is key to a healthy diet and digestion.


Use the following resources for helpful information and up-to-date news.

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The Journal of Nutrition article  - benefits of prebiotics  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22457389

National Fiber Council


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"After taking the first dose of Wellesse Digestive 3 in 1 Health, my symptoms in my stomach had diminished. Since I am a Celiac Disease survivor, I am highly sensitive. ...To maintain a complete healthy balance between gluten free diet as well as my phisical environment is an everyday struggle. I recommend it to those who need a product that actually works to feel the difference. I believe this product works well."

- E.L., CA

"I take the Digestive 3-in-1 Health Liquid every day. I helps control my heartburn and actually makes me feel lighter!"

- S.I., Seattle, WA

"Every year I would get sick from the children from driving a school bus fours years straight. But last year I began taking the Wellesse Digestive Health every day. Last year was the first time that I did not get sick. I truly believe that it was directly attributable to taking your product. I am a believer!"

- N.A., Homosassa, FL

"I was surprised at how good Digestive 3-in-1 Health tasted... It became my daily treat!"

- M.E.

"I felt more energized after taking Digestive 3-in-1 Health...no longer worrying about bloating and heaviness."

- C.H.

"This product is wonderful! I have had problems with excessive acid in my stomach and this product has reduced the acid and make me more comfortable. It helps me to be able to eat some of the foods that I wasn't able to before. Thank you for this product (Digestive 3-in-1 Health)."

- J.W., California

"I felt a tremendous amount of freedom to go about my life after taking Digestive 3-in-1 Health liquid formula."

- S.J.