Joint Movement Glucosamine Liquid

Easy to Take, Fast Absorbing Liquid Supplement

Now Shellfish Free, Plus Hyaluronic Acid

  • 2000 mg Glucosamine - Now Shellfish Free! 
  • 1200 mg Chondroitin
  • 500 mg MSM
  • PLUS 10 mg Hyaluronic Acid
  • Great Tasting Berry Flavor
  • 16 servings per 16 oz bottle
  • Also available in a 33.8 oz bottle at Club Stores

Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine liquid is the #1 selling liquid Glucosamine and Chondroitin concentrate **

Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine is a fast absorbing 1 oz a day, EXTRA STRENGTH Plus liquid supplement. Now formulated with 100% Vegetarian SHELLFISH FREE Glucosamine with Chondroitin and MSM, Plus added Hyaluronic Acid provides a comprehensive liquid that helps replenish nutrients every day.

Discover the Liquid Advantage in an easy to take 1 ounce a day liquid; the fast absorbing, easiest alternative to swallowing large pills and tablets multiple times per day.

Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine liquid is the natural choice to help you get back to enjoying the activities you love.

It's natural that your joints will feel the effects of wear and tear over time as key nutrients in your joints are depleted with aging.†

Highest Potency

Wellesse uses 2000 mg of Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCl), the pharmaceutically pure form of glucosamine which is more soluble in liquid form than glucosamine sulphate.

**National retail sales, IRI total US FDM + club, 52 weeks ending February 2015

Label Information

Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Liquid Label Information

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Find answers to your common questions about Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Liquid below.  Visit Common FAQ's for general questions or Contact Us if you are unable to find an answer.

What are the benefits of taking a liquid Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement?

Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine is a fast absorbing 1 oz a day, EXTRA STRENGTH Plus liquid supplement. Now formulated with 100% Vegetarian SHELLFISH FREE Glucosamine with Chondroitin and MSM, Plus added Hyaluronic Acid provides a comprehensive liquid that helps replenish nutrients every day. Discover the Liquid Advantage in an easy to take 1 ounce a day liquid; the fast absorbing, easiest alternative to swallowing large pills and tablets multiple times per day.

how soon will I notice a difference after taking the Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine and Chondroitin liquid?

Results will vary from person to person depending on many different factors. However, you may see results in just 4-8 weeks.

Why did Wellesse choose to use glucosamine hydrochloride used instead of glucosamine sulphate?

Glucosamine hydrochloride is the pharmaceutically pure form of glucosamine and is more soluble in a liquid form.

Why does the Joint Movement Glucosamine and Chondroitin liquid darken over time?

Joint Movement Glucosamine contains natural ingredients that will change color over time. This does not affect the potency of the product in any way.

Where does the glucosamine come from?

The new formula as of February 2014 contains 100% Vegetarian Shellfish Free Glucosamine sourced from corn.  In the previous formula, the Glucosamine is purified from the shells of crab and shrimp. Please double check the label on the bottle to verify which formula it contains.

Where can I buy the 33oz size of the Joint Movement Glucosamine and Chondroitin liquid?

The 33 oz. size is currently available at club stores such as Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's. It may not be available at all locations. This size may also be purchased online at

What is the best time of day to take Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine?

Joint Movement Glucosamine should be taken at the same time every day.  This is mainly so you remember to take it consistently.

Can I give it to my dog?

Please consult your veterinarian.


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Success Stories

See more reviews of this product on: | | Customer testimonials are provided for informational purposes only. They reflect the individual's results and experiences and have been verified to be true. Results may vary from person to person.

"The Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine is an outstanding product! For 7.5 years I was taking a liquid competitor which was grand but I found Wellesse and am proud to tell everyone I know about it. Most of my friends have started taking it. Those who took the competitor have switched and I am gradually weaning my Glucosamine pill taking friends to the Wellesse liquid. Our economy is facing challenging times. So it is more important than ever to find service and products that are on top of their game. This product hits the bar and I will say my bar is extremely high. First, liquids are fast absorbing – Done! Second, many of us read labels increasingly to manage our own health. This product has more of the efficacious ingredients than many any of its competitors which is huge and creates significant value to the user from a cost perspective. Thank you Wellesse for keeping your own bar high! Third, if one is really reading the labels try to find a pill that has all three ingredients of Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM and now Hyaluronic Acid. To the extent that you do – I assure you, the dosages are not equal unless you take several pills and frankly who wants to choke down more of the same giant pill and increase cost? Fourth, this product is fairly priced. I find it incumbent to support a product that creates this much value for its users from both cost and dosage perspective. This product is a market leader! Now the fun part: I am not just a wee fan of this product, I take it every day and woudn’t go without it. I support this product because I put it to extreme tests. I am a skeleton athlete and not a 20 yr. old one at that – I am 50 yrs old and competitive. As a skeleton athlete my neck and body can face up to 5 Gs’ of pressure on in some curves. This is sometimes more than what an astronaut in take-off faces. I am in extreme cold at up to -10 degrees in a speedo standing on ice then sliding in a tunnel of ice at up to 80+MPR. I strongly recommend anyone to try it who is having stiff mornings, tight and creaking joints or that popping sound that does not really mean much and yet it does as our joints get a bit older and seem to talk more often! Outstanding product quality! Thank you Best regards and Yours in ICE, APrata – Skeleton Athlete Age 50!"

- Anna Prata, Olympic Hopeful Competitive Skeleton Athlete

"I have used Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine for over 15 years. I am 50 years old and have joint discomfort from head to toe. In spite of that I am at the gym 3-5 days a week. I am able to do all of it because of this product, when I have run out, my joint discomfort increases."

- C. A., Blue Springs, MO

"I began using the Joint Movement Glucosamine less than a month ago. The results I have felt especially in my lower back are amazing. This product is fantastic. Now I can bend and work in my backyard, do fast walking, etc. Thank you for this amazing product."

- J.M., Puerto Rico

"I am 86 years old and would like to express how happy I am to have your product Wellesse Glucosamine. About 6 months ago I noticed this product in the store and decided to try it. This product has also helped my wife."

- D.K., Grand Rapids, MI

"I have used Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine for the past seven years. I am convinced I have a beneficial affect from it and find the liquid form very easy to take."

- A.F., Madison, VA

"At 72 I have been using pill form of glucosamine for over 10 years but by chance at Costco I saw your product. The pills often gave me an upset stomach plus the volume of pills was a pain. After one bottle of Wellesse Glucosamine I was hooked, no stomach upset, easy to swallow. Now after years on your product I feel great. I've changed the minds of friends for your product and they also noticed a difference. Thank you!"

- R.M., Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Your Glucosamine Supplement was a major reason that I was able to train at the level I needed to in order to compete in the OCB Midwest States Bodybuilding Competition. I'm 52 years old and took 2nd place in the Men's Physique division. I competed against athletes of all ages. Thanks so much for such a fantastic product. I recommend it to everyone! We even give it to our 15 year old dog!"

- Brian G., Florida

"For over 5 years I have been using Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine and I now live a very active life due to this product. My doctor recommended I use it, and I'm happy to say I've not had any other knee discomfort since."

- Leona L. - MA

"Wellesse Liquid Joint Movement Glucosamine is fantastic!! Since I have been using your product, I find it much easier to walk up and down the stairs. I now go for long walks, where before I could only walk a block and had to stop and rest my knees. Thank you so very much - your product has made my life so much better!"

- David L. - BC

"Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine has helped me tremendously. I started by giving it to my dog with hip displaysia, great product - I am now able to walk 4-5 miles a day with her. I shared Wellesse JMG with my co-workers, challenging them to try it. It was a complete success and to date I have gotten over 12 people to use your product regularly."

- Frank K. - MI

"Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine keeps me moving and allows me to be busy doing chores, driving etc. It really works! "

- Veronica D. - CA

"A friend gave me a bottle of Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine and after only one month, I felt so good that would never have thought of going to the doctor. Your supplement is unbelievable. I am now back sheep herding and tracking with my dog without using a cane. I really can't believe the difference. I also give my dogs (2 older Collie and a young Border Collie) a teaspoon a day and the old ones are moving without any stiffness."

- Dorothy S. - WI

"I am a 53 year old retired Metro Drug Detective - I have had bone on bone in my knee and many other joint injuries in the course of my career. I have been on some form of glucosamine/chondroitin for 12 years, and in the last 3 years discovered and have been taking your Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine. I whole heartedly believe in your your product and have referred it to several friends and family. They rely on me to get it for them in the value size 33.8 oz. at "

- Tom. R - WI

"Since the age of 16, I have suffered lower back issues with many episodes of immobility. Physical therapy just didn't make any improvements. After I retired, I found Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine - three months later, I am good! I have recommended it to many other family and friends and they've had the same good results."

- Sally Z. - AZ

"I've tried other major brand glucosamine supplements, and Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine is far superior to them all. The berry flavor tastes great, and after about seven days I felt quite a bit better. I take it on an empty stomach when I first wake up. I have gotten some friends to try it too and they said how unbelievable it is that they feel better in such a short time. They all want me to buy them bottles when I go to Costco in Detroit. Keep up the good work!"

- Greg A. - MI

"For over 10 years I have had sore knees and hands and took calcium and glucosamine pills and it helped some. Then my son got me a bottle of Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine. It tasted good and soon I was more flexible in fingers and both knees and ankles. So I want to say thanks. At age 75 it is nice to be flexible and in almost no discomfort now."

- R.M., La Center, WA

"The discomfort in my knees began 25 years ago when I was a fireman. I did a lot of jogging and we were required to do a bench exercise which caused my knees to swell. I spent four years and could not sleep. I started taking the liquid Joint Movement Glucosamine and it took about 4 months to really help me. I now can walk all day long. I would like all my friends and family to start taking the Liquid (Joint Movement Glucosamine)."

- L. G., Tracy, CA

"My neck has ached regularly for years. I so hated the huge glucosamine tablets that I quit taking them about 6 months ago. It got even worse. I decided to try Wellesse Liquid Glucosamine and researched consumer reviews. After 3 months I have NO discomfort and can turn my head from side to side without thinking. And it didn't take that long to work!"

- D.C., Corland, NY

"About 5 years ago I was told that I had joint problems by my doctor in my left knee and that I should take Glucosamine pills. I did for 3 years with hardly any improvement. Last year friends showed me Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine and told me that it helped them. I was elated the discomfort eased and my knee improved. Since using Wellesse Glucosamine my discomfort is less."

- J.H., Ferndley, NV

"I have been suffering from joint discomfort the last fifteen years. I am 65 years old and have tried every product on the market. I cannot thank you enough. I use it daily!"

- J. H., Evergreen, CO

"I love this product (Joint Movement Glucosamine Liquid). I tried Wellesse Glucosamine and within weeks the discomfort was less. I now walk one mile a day plus other exercises."

- V.L., Middletown, DE

"I had knee surgery back in 2009 for ACL and still my knee kept reminding me that it never going to be normal. I started using Wellesse Liquid Glucosamine and noticed a difference! I am able to ski again a passion of mine. I love the taste of it and it is very speedy in helping reduce discomfort. Thanks Wellesse! You're the best!"

- B.J., Framingham, MA

"Finally I found a Glucosamine with Chondroitin! I've used the capsule but they did not work as much as the liquid. I could not bend my fingers at all and now it's amazing. The stiffness is all gone. I would recommend that anyone try this product - Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine Liquid."

- P. B. New Brunswick, Canada

"I have been buying the Liquid Glucosamine product for over 4 years and WILL continue. I want to congratulate you for the delicious new flavor. I do recommend this product to anyone I hear that has joint problems - even strangers!"

- N. L., Apopka, FL

"After using Liquid Glucosamine I felt relief in my knees, elbows and back. I was so pleased with the results that I have told all my friends about your product."

- B.H., Tenmile, OR

"I have been using your Liquid Glucosamine for over a year. I suffered from back and hip discomfort. After a short time taking it, no more. I like taking the liquids since it is absorbed more quickly than pills. I highly recommend your products to my family and friends."

- L.S., Quincy, CA

"My husband and I have used the Liquid Glucosamine for a few years now. If we go for more than 3 days without it, our joints begin to cause us some difficulties. We would not want to be without it! Thanks, you have made our lives livable."

- J.L., Pollack, LA

"After over four years of trying pills, injections, and more, your product after a few days gave me relief from my discomfort in my legs. It has helped at least 95%. My doctor asked me for your name and product to tell his patients as well!"

- R.C., Thousand Palms, CA

"...Now that I am in my mid 40's, my joint problems are flaring up again. My husband discovered your product (Glucosamine) and brought it home for me to try. Not only does it work but my range of motion has improved. Thank you for such quality health and wellness products."

- A.W., Anaheim, CA

"My husband and I are avid runners. Before using Wellesse Liquid Glucosamine my knees were stiff and my joints ached. After a recommendation from a fellow runner we tried Wellesse Glucosamine supplement and we no longer have any issues!...we highly recommend it to anyone, especially active athletic people of all ages."

- A.H., Vassar, MI

"My husband has severe discomfort in his ankles and has taken medication for years. I just wanted to let you know that he now takes nothing but the Wellesse (Joint Movement Glucosamine). He has no discomfort and takes no other meds at all. We both want to thank you and Wellesse for this! Your products are wonderful. I take the calcium in addition and recommend both products all the time. His discomfort was so bad, even with the meds, he could sometimes not go to places where we had to walk any appreciable distance. Now we walk all the time. By the way, he is 81!"

- S.T., Toledo, OH

"I love the ease of taking the Joint Movement Glucosamine, no huge pills to swallow! I have relief in my knee joints, neck and back and if I go without it my discomfort level increases."

- S.P., Linesville, PA

"About a year ago I started having rouble with my right knee, unable to bend...A friend recommended Wellesse Joint Movement Glucosamine liquid and within a few weeks I'm able to do more things that I couldn't do before and I feel much better. Thank you Wellesse, I love you!"

- D.A., Florida

"In response from my doctor about my lower back discomfort and joint movement areas, she said 'Try this' (Joint Movement Glucosamine Liquid)...Within weeks time I had positive results. The relief I was hoping for manifested itself.""

- C.W., North Carolina

"Very pleasing was the ease of neck and shoulder turning making driving much more safe and comfortable. Unable to take pills so liquids are a big plus."

- P.C., Montana

"We do like your Wellesse products. My adult children also take your products, because of our recommendation and succesful results I have had. My husband and I faithfully take the needed products and at 83 & 84 years of age, we stand tall and straight with good joints! Kudos to you and Wellesse!"

- G & M, Sarasota, FL

"All the other products I've tried just weren't that effective. Wellesse is undoubtedly efficacious."

- R.M., New York, NY

"I have had joint discomfort for years and had taken glucosamine chondroitin pills for years with no relief. Recently my left leg was worse and I limped for weeks. A friend of mine told me about Wellesse Liquid Glucosamine. I took it and the discomfort was gone. I haven't had any discomfort since. I'm on my second bottle. I want to thank you from my heart for making such a wonderful product!"

- E.W., Vista, CA

"After trying tablet forms of glucosamine chondroitin products for about three years, I had a sample of Wellesse Liquid Glucosamine at a Sam's Club and was told that the liquid form absorbed more readily. I have used it since then, about two and a half years. I have not experienced joint discomfort since then. I am 80 years old now."

- P.G., Pisgah Forest, N.C.

"I enjoy using the Wellesse Liquid Joint Movement Glucosamine primarily because it is liquid and palatable as opposed to the large pills that were difficult to swallow. The glucosamine has eased the discomfort in my joints for years."

- J.S., Buckhead, GA

"I want to thank you for your Wellesse product (Joint Movement Glucosamine Liquid). I have used it for three years and my joint discomfort has almost disappeared. I can hike and walk without discomfort. I have taken it for three years and always recommend it to friends with similar conditions. Bless You!"

- M. C., Arizona

"I wanted to let you know that taking the Liquid Joint Movement Glucosamine in the morning and evening by splitting up the dosage has worked for me. I am in the seventh week of doing it this way and I can tell you my discomfort level has gone from a 12 to a 2. I can not tell you what a benefit this has been to me. My problem is in my middle fingers on both hands."

- B. F., Albany, New York

"I have bone loss and was told by my doctor to take extra calcium and Wellesse tasted better than some others. I also take Wellesse Glucosamine to relieve shoulder discomfort."

- M.E., Silverton, OR