Liquid Iron

Discover the Liquid Advantage to Optimize Your Iron Levels

Wellesse® Liquid Iron is an easy to take, fast absorbing liquid supplement that provides 100% of the recommended daily value of iron to help optimize iron levels with a highly bioavailable amino acid chelate form of iron that is gentle to your system.

  • Highly Bioavailable Amino Acid Chelate form of Iron
  • 18 mg Iron per 1/2 oz. serving - 100% Daily Value
  • Gentle to Your System*
  • Helps Restore Energy Reserves*
  • Great Tasting Natural Berry Flavor
  • 32 servings

Certified Gluten Free(1), Sugar Free (sweetened with stevia leaf)

Wellesse® Liquid Iron helps optimize iron levels needed to restore your body's energy reserves and reduce symptoms of occasional fatigue due to low iron levels.*

Wellesse® Liquid Iron is formulated with an amino acid chelate form that is highly absorbable with fewer gastrointestinal side effects than other common forms of iron supplementation, such as ferrous sulfate.*

NOTE: Iron supplements and Calcium supplements should be taken 2 hours apart because Calcium interferes with the absorption of Iron.


(1) GFCO Certification Agreement between Gluten Intolerance Group on North America and Botanical Laboratories, LLC., meeting GFCO standards for gluten-free products.

Label Information

Wellesse Liquid Iron Supplement Label Information:

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What is the source of Iron?

The form of Iron used is an Amino Acid Chelate, a water soluble, highly absorbable form of iron. It has enhanced absorption with fewer side effects than other forms of iron such as Ferrous sulfate, a less expensive form of iron.

Can I take this with my other supplements?

Iron should be taken at least 2 hours apart from Calcium and Magnesium, as they interfere with the absorption of  iron. Vitamin C, however, has a positive effect on iron absorption so it is recommended to take our Liquid Multivitamin+ which has 60 mg of vitamin C to compliment the Liquid Iron supplement.


Use the following resources for helpful information and up-to-date news. Read all about Iron Supplementation on Wikipedia, the online dictionary Iron bisglycinate chelate form of Iron - clinical study Iron amino acid chelate forms compared to Iron salts - clinical study

Success Stories

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"I've always had trouble swallowing pills, so I bought this liquid form instead of breaking apart iron tablets into smaller pieces. It makes taking my supplements much easier. The taste compares very closely to children's cough syrup, which isn't so pleasant, but you only taste it for a second. I recommend this product to anyone who needs to take iron!"

- V. via

"This corrected my anemia in 4 months after years of trying to bring it up with various brands of capsules and gel caps. I continue to use it to maintain good iron levels."

- T.S. via

"I can take the iron pills and still have low iron. I cant eat enough shell fish and meat to significantly raise my iron either. Luckily this stuff does the trick and doesn't give me heart burn like the pills do. Great product and a great price."

- F.S. via

"Wellesse Liquid Iron gives me extra energy. All I can say is forever thank you!"

- L.H., Normandy Park, WA

"I tried taking regular and slow release iron pills bu they aggravated my stomach condition. I needed to find a solution I could tolerate...Bingo, I found Wellesse Liquid Iron. Much to my relief little or no stomach pain (after taking). A good product that, based on my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending."

- B.C., Ohio

"Can't wait to try this! It will go well with my Wellesse Vitamin D and my Wellesse Calcium."

- M.M.

"The new Liquid Iron is great! I have tried other iron supplements but they always made my stomach hurt. This is the first iron supplement that I can take without side effects."

- M.U., Bellingham, WA